I started this email last week and am just finishing it, but I wanted to send you an update. 

T has been really solid for a few weeks. Last week she said she wanted to try gymnastics again. I was nervous because this was previously a tough thing for her and she was super clingy, not anymore.  Two weeks of great gymnastics.  

Then I got a text from a friend who subs at school today and said T spent a long time telling her how she felt about school and why she gets frustrated, etc.  Her ability to communicate her frustrations is probably the best in the family now.  I chalk that up to great training.  But what I notice most is a confidence in her ability to communicate what's bothering her.  At first she would try but you could tell she wasn't comfortable using feeling words.  

Another example - hair brushing this morning.  Hair brushing can be a huge tailspin in the morning. It's been a good 4 days, I was out of town and she hates it, so it didn't happen.  This morning I told her it had to happen, it was super bad.  We started with her saying "I don't feel safe right now with you holding the brush".  We worked it out that if she was calm and communicated when things hurt, we'd take a break and find a different method.  

A lot of brushing later, no fight, no craziness and a happy kid who was proud of her hair.  

So that's my update.  I'm really grateful for the work that you have done.  

Thank you, 


"...thank you so much for your help and support! Most importantly, thank you for believing in me when I did not believe in myself."



"First off, thank you for all the hard work that you do as a coach. Putting myself in your shoes, I'd imagine it isn't easy...thank you so much."


"There have been several times where I've been struggling and you have given me so much support. You're ability to care for others seems almost effortless...Keep doing what you're doing because whatever it is you're doing it right."


Parent Review

 July 2, 2018

My son just started this program through his school back a couple of months ago. He has come so far in just these past couple of months and really enjoys it. He also looks forwards to seeing Sean and James while he was in school and is looking forward to seeing them during the summer at his school as well!! Thank you Sean and James for being so helpful!! 

From a parent

January 31, 2018

We had literally left  a Treatment Center moments before, when our 15- year-old rummaged through his backpack to find the business card he'd been given by Sean and James. With relief in his voice, it was very apparent how comforting it was to him to know that help was only a phone call away. Without hesitation, he quickly dialed the number. Thus began months of greatly needed support for a teenager so accustomed to the daily therapy sessions the treatment center had offered. With Facetime, Sean and James kept my son afloat. They offered my husband and I the ability to call for help in a moment's notice. Whether it was midnight, or an unplanned pick -me-up, they were there with words of encouragement. We honestly were amazed at the bond both men had developed with our son. All of our struggles seemed to diminish with the regular check -ins. They helped with daily and long – term goals. With their assistance, our son found the tools he needed within himself to accomplish what had months ago, seemed hopeless. It is with humble gratitude that  I highly recommend these two individuals that work so seamlessly together.

Allyson Tibor