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Is anxiety impacting you or someone you love? 

Our team—with over 50 years in combined mental health experience—is ready to help.

Founders, Sean Perry and James Reinstein, recognized mental health services often restricted access both physically and financially to those possessing the resources needed to receive support.

As past members of the private mental health field, we understand even short term treatment can cost upwards of $90,000. Our organization finds it unacceptable that those with financial resources continue to get help and those without resources end up with 504 plans and IEP’s, in Special Education classes, suspended or forced to change schools, or worse—using substances to cope with their anxieties which can lead to addiction and incarceration. Your economic standing should not dictate the education and support that you have access to and receive for your mental health.  

For the last four years, We R H.O.P.E. has delivered services and created programs to serve and help as many individuals as possible with their anxiety and mental health regardless of the resources they possess.


We R H.O.P.E. is dedicated to bringing education, normalization, and a message of hope to those who are struggling with mental health issues by providing affordable and accessible individualized support.


Transform the way society addresses mental health by creating a culture where mental health support is affordable and readily available to all.

Our Services

School-Based & Private Individual Coaching

We R H.O.P.E. focuses on youth mental health support and coaching through our school-based anxiety coaching services which allow us to provide daily individualized coaching sessions to kids that need support. Our school-based anxiety coaching services focus on normalizing anxiety within the school community and providing students with skills and tools to manage their anxiety and challenges. We use the BhWorks program to streamline mental health care, care coordination, and outcomes reporting greatly increasing the understanding of individuals mental health. We also offer private affordable coaching services for individuals of any age to help support their mental health. Click here to learn more!

Youth Wellness Retreats

We R H.O.P.E. founded the Upper Valley Youth Wellness Retreat, a 3-week mental health day camp that takes place at the Milldale Farm Center for Wellness in July. This is the first summer camp that focuses on youth mental health and well-being through a variety of fun traditional camp activities. Attendees of the retreat receive Emotional CPR training, anxiety education and build coping and management skills during their time at camp. Click here to learn more!

Education & Training Services

We R H.O.P.E. offers a variety of education and consulting services for schools including educational presentations and trainings on mental health and anxiety for teachers, faculty, and parents as well as emotional CPR (eCPR) training. Click here to learn more!

Tabula Rasa

We R H.O.P.E.’s founders previously worked in the residential treatment space which inspired them to create a vision for a residential mental health treatment center that was focused on equitable, sustainable, and humane whole-person care. Opening Tabula Rasa has been a long term goal of our founders and we can’t wait to share more with you soon. Click here to learn more!

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