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We R H.O.P.E. is a non profit organization that brings anxiety education, coaching, trauma informed interactive services, suicide prevention, Collaborative problem solving and Emotional CPR  to individuals and schools struggling to find affordable support options.

Who We Are


  We R H.O.P.E is a non-exclusive anxiety coaching company that introduces people to information and coping strategies surrounding anxiety. We engage ourselves in one on one coaching sessions with our clients to ensure they can learn to adopt the strategies and work through everyday anxiety. We work with the individual to properly execute these skills when appropriate. In our school presentations, we explain the facts of anxiety and how it is affecting our youth. We R H.O.P.E brings the anxiety coach directly to the school at a low affordable cost. After working with these young people in a one on one setting, they may find more support is needed. Again, we are there to help. With clinical resources, we can help a young person and their family find a clinician that is suitable to their needs. Within the next year, We R H.O.P.E. will be creating a scholarship fund to help aid and assist youth and their families with some of the financial costs of treatment. The company is envisioned towards breaking the barrier that hinders youth from seeking out help. Our core mission is to bring education, normalization and a message of hope to the people of today that struggle with anxiety.      

How We Can Help


As past members of the private mental health field, we understand even short term treatment can cost upwards of ninety thousand dollars. Our company finds it unacceptable that those with financial resources continue to get help and those without the resources end up with 504 plans, in IEP/ Special Education  classes, get suspended/change schools or worse, end up using substances to cope with their anxieties that can even lead to incarceration. Your economic standing should not dictate the information and help that you have access to.  

  We R H.O.P.E. offers coaching and training to academic faculty to better manage anxieties of our students, develop class room settings supportive of regulation and wellness for optimal learning, and introduce wellness practices that help transform teacher’s perspective and lower burn out from stress.   

We R H.O.P.E will offer individualized education, coaching and other services for students with anxiety related challenges. A focus to this engagement is normalizing anxiety within the community. We R H.O.P.E meets the students where they are at, and offer trauma informed interactive services.  We R H.O.P.E. also offers coaching and training's for parents.   

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